Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fishtail Dress

Definitely a MUST in your wardrobe!!

Color: Orange/Black
Length:114cm  Bust:80-130cm
Materials :Lycra (Very good & comfortable material)
Price: MYR 59.00

Long Sleeves Pleated Blouse

Color: Black/Pink
Shoulder:37cm Sleeves:60cm Length:64cm Bust:100cm

Materials : Chiffon
Price: MYR 45.00

Lace Chiffon Top

Color: Dark Blue
Shoulder:36cm Length:68cm Bust:90cm
Materials : Chiffon + Lace
Price: MYR 42.00
Status: SOLD OUT

Sequins Pocket Blouse

Measurement : Bust: 86cm Waist: 56-80cm Length: 85cm
Material : Chiffon With Inner Lining
Price: MYR 40.00

Lace 2 Pieces Wear Top

Color: Yellow
Shoulder:36cm Length:68cm Bust:90cm

Materials : Cotton + Lace
Price: MYR 48.00

Double Layer Collar Top

Color: Red
Shoulder:36cm Sleeves:58cm Length:58cm Bust:106cm

Materials : Chiffon
Price: MYR 46.00

Two Colors Long Sleeve Top

Length:59cm Bust:94cm
Materials : Chiffon
Price: MYR 41.00

Stylish American Dress

Color Available : Black/White
Measurement : Longest Length: 145cm Length: 82cm Bust: 80-92cm
Material : Chiffon With Silk Inner Lining
Description: Back Zip
Price: MYR 56.00

Lacey Dress

Color: Black
Length:82cm Waist:62-72cm Bust:72-86cm
Materials : Lace
Price: MYR 52.00
Size: Best fit XS-S
Status: SOLD OUT

Korea Lace Shirt

Color Available : White (Reserved) /Black
Measurement : Bust: 100cm Shoulder: 38cm Sleeve: 40cm Length: 70cm
Material : Chiffon + Lace (Very comfortable material)
Price: MYR 48.00

Chiffon Back Classic Top (Updated)

Color Available :Polka Dots
Measurement : Length: 54cm Bust: 82-92cm Shoulder: 36cm Sleeve: 60cm
Material : Cotton + Chiffon
Price: MYR43.00 *STEAL & limited pieces available*
~ Very good quality and it is fit for size S-M~


Measurement : Length: 56cm Shoulder: 35cm Bust: 88cm Sleeve: 59cm
Material : Chiffon
Color: Pink
Price: MYR45.00